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It Happened Here
(July 2024)

Every neighbourhood is filled with stories that we can't see: the corner where someone had their first kiss, the wall where you left your bike before it was stollen, or the place you were standing when you saw someone for the last time.

It Happened Here is a participatory performance project where residents of Kentish Town are invited to recall meaningful events in their lives that happened in specific places in the area. Participants walk together, share their stories, and have their photograph taken: in the image, each person holds a sheet of paper with a sentence that summarizes the story they share with that place.

Created in partnership with Torriano Meeting House specially for the centre's 40th years anniversary, the project will become an exhibition at TMH during Summer 2024.

conceived/edited by Gustavo Dias-Vallejo
photography by Federico Alfonzo
produced by Gustavo Dias-Vallejo & Anna Oggero
co-produced by Torriano Meeting House

@2024Gustavo Dias-Vallejo

@2024Gustavo Dias-Vallejo